Love Your Lane | Valentine’s Day Ride

You’re invited to Love Your Lane, the first B.F.O.C. group ride of the year on Valentine’s Day. Bring your sweetie, or come looking for that special cycling someone, and we’ll all tour around town at a leisurely pace.
If you’re in the mood for love, dress up (cupid, cherub, black widow, love bug, a kissing booth, Eliot Spitzer, Queen of Hearts, a Care Bear, blah, blah, blah, zzzz…) and decorate your bike. This is encouraged but NOT REQUIRED to ride. It’s going to be chilly and it might snow (!!!), so get cozy.

Prizes for the best dressed-include: Treats from Oak Cliff’s Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and a one-of-a-kind Valentine-centric B.F.O.C. T-shirt.

Lets hook up at Main Street Garden Park at 2 p.m., cruise through downtown to Cedar Springs, down Turtle Creek Blvd., and over to Uptown where we’ll make a stop at The Ginger Man before heading back to our nice new “Park” park downtown.



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  1. i love this poster! who designed it?

  2. The amazing Amanda Pounds (Jeremy of OCBC’s girlfriend)

  3. Great poster design!!! Those bikes look awfully familiar.
    Can we get a poster?

  4. Not to be a stickler for details, but Hardwood no longer has a bridge over Woodall Rodgers. Was torn down for the deck park.

  5. thanks for the update justin. i completely forgot about that when i planned the route. we’ll just take the next street over. when my husband and i lived in boston, our GPS system directed us to drive into walls, into a river, and off a cliff. i promise to not let that happen to everyone.

  6. too bad the route isn’t heart shaped ;)

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