‘ello Guvnor! Dallas Second Annual Tweed Ride Set for November 21st.

The leaves are about to start turning, which means it’s almost time for Dallas’ second annual Tweed Ride! Don your best woolen knickers and press your finest cap and head out to the Grassy Knoll, and join us as we pedal our velocipedes through the streets of Downtown Dallas and beyond. We’ll have another smashing time as we wend our way around town in our smart apparel and stop at one of the most historic homes in North Oak Cliff to enjoy drinks and sport on the lawn. The Facebook page for the event is here.

For inspiration, review the images of our Dallas Tweed Past:

(photo by David Wilson)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Andrea Roberts)

(photo by Andrea Roberts)

(photo by Bill Courtney)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Chris Curnutt)

(photo by Joe Gregory)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Raul Bonifacio)

(photo by Richard Wezensky)

(photo by Marco Tore)

(photo by Marco Tore)

(photo by Marco Tore)

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  1. Hi
    How long is this bike ride? I’m really slow and out of shape.

  2. They typically last an hour and we ride very slowly. These are casual rides, so no worries about being out of shape. You’ll have a blast!

  3. Got pulled away to Pennsylvania next weekend. Had already outfitted my apparel for the ride. Any plan for a Santa Ride next month?

  4. blergh….. i just found about the tweed rides, but we are out of town this next weekend. please tell me you plan on a seersucker spring ride and/or another tweed ride!?!?!?!?

    i love this. my husband and i have the most lovely amsterdam electra bicycles. tweed only make them more lovely.

    and, how do i get a bike friendly mansfield started??

    happy monday!!

  5. so sorry we’ll miss you. we typically do our themed rides only once a year, but if we get enough support, we might hold a second.

  6. Please post your route!!!!!

  7. Please please please do a Spring tweed ride! I only found out about this AFTER the event on the fossil.com blog! Leaving the Country before November ’11, so am totally going to miss out :( Please!

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