Bike To City Hall Day (tomorrow!) – Safe Passing Ordinance?

Dallas cyclists have some major wins to celebrate this year (first bike lanes and sharrows down, safe passing ordinance draft) and major possible wins coming up on the City Council Agenda!

Council will soon be voting on the 2012 bond, which includes money for more bicycle infrastructure, and next month they’ll vote on a safe-passing ordinance which many bike-friendly cities have enacted. We need to show them that we support safer biking in Dallas!

Shout out to Mayor Rawlings for putting the safe-passing ordinance on the Council agenda. They almost had a vote on it last week, but decided to pull it to sub-committees so Council members could understand what it means exactly and to make some important tweaks like stronger language to say “3 foot passing” instead of just “a safe distance”.

Let’s continue to show them that the Dallas cyclists appreciate their leadership and we want more!

Join council reps Scott Griggs, Delia Jasso, Monica Alonzo, Angela Hunt and Mayor Rawlings at Main Street Garden for a brief ride on our new downtown sharrows to City Hall. We’ll hear a few brief words from our City leaders on the Plaza, see which organization is presented with this year’s Award of Excellence for significantly contributing to biking in Dallas, and hear what projects are next on the agenda!

Wednesday October 17th

8am,  Main St Garden

8:30am, Dallas City Hall Plaza

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  1. do we have an estimated end time for this? Thanks… Michael



  2. If they insist on adding some arbitrarily defined “safe distance”, I hope they will keep the “vacate the lane” requirement which is much better for cylists and easier to understand and follow for drivers.

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