Safe Passing Ordinance Heads to Council Next Wednesday

The Vulnerable road users ordinance, as it’s officially called, easily passed the joint public safety and quality of life committee session this month. The biggest takeaway? More councilpersons went on record saying the city needs to implement more dedicated bicycle infrastructure. This time Hunt and Griggs were joined by Greyson and Kedane endorsing more separated, buffered bike lanes, where possible, on the official record.

Still though Davis seems confused by the whole thing, Alonzo kept mostly quiet, Medrano didn’t say a word and Caraway reminded us there’s not many bicyclists in his district. Hear that Bike Friendly South Dallas?

Couple of changes were made:

    • The max fine was reduced to $300 from $500, except if the vulnerable user incurs bodily harm. Good luck!
      The word “knowingly” was removed which Hunt pointed out as a great addition to the original wording. This allows enforcement even when the defendant didn’t mean to break the law
      The distance recommendation of 3′ – 6′ wasn’t accepted by the DPD. It seemed this was a bargaining piece by those in favor to get the “knowingly” removed

Next Wednesday this goes to council, which means we need a large turnout from the bicycling community to show up in support! Details on a ride to come soon.

All in all we’re pleased with the results so far, and finally feel like awareness for bicycles is starting to come to a city desperately in need of seo services! Special thanks to chairwoman Hunt for being the most vocal and loudest supporter of these issues!


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  1. The Vulnerable Road User ordinance is on the City Council agenda for THIS Wed. (Dec. 12), not next Wed. It is addendum item #27.

  2. The Vulnerable Road User ordinance is on the City Council agenda for THIS Wed. (Dec. 12) not next Wed. as posted above. It is addendum item #27 and will be discussed.

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