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Eno’s Pizza Tavern presents “iBike Rosemont Week”

Monday through Friday, October 10 -14, 2011

October 10-14, 2011 will be the third bike to school week in two years.  The inaugural event was a bike to school day and it received such an overwhelmingly positive response that future events were expanded to the current week-long format.  Christian Johnson, a West Kessler neighbor, Rosemont dad and local cyclist has been a driving force in the event.  I Bike Rosemont is a combined effort between Rosemont Elementary, its parents and students and other neighbors.  Bike week consists of morning rides to school by parents and students.  The riders get a punch-card that indicates how many days they rode.  Once completed, it is good for a free root beer float at Eno’s after the Friday group ride to Bishop Arts.  In addition, there is a t-shirt sale, prizes and “bike rodeo” event.
I Bike Rosemont was started, in part, to increase bike ridership to school and to raise awareness for riders.  The two schools that make up Rosemont Elementary are ideally located in the middle of an urban neighborhood, with residents from all walks of life.  The number of riders has gone from 5, in the first event to 140 on the last day of the spring 2011 bike week. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.
Christian Johnson spoke of one student who “on Monday had training wheels, but by Friday her extra wheels were gone and she was doing great!” Another volunteer, Jennifer Pickert, met a retired grandfather walking behind his 7-year-old granddaughter on her bike.  He got the bike for her the night before so she could participate the rest of the week.  Pickert said “It’s just so inspiring to see families come together for this event. ” Jenni Stolarski, a neighbor and volunteer likes the small-town feeling that I Bike Rosemont brings out. She said “Last spring, 7 of the 10 regular volunteers were Kings Highway neighbors who don’t have children, but want to support the school.”
Each succussive event sees an increase in the number of riders.  Because of this, the I Bike Rosemont team could use additional volunteers and sponsorship.

Dates:  October 10 -14, 2011

Times:  Monday – Friday: 7:30am to 8:15am each day; FridayBike Rodeo: 3:00pm to 3:40pm; Kiddical Mass to Eno’s:  4:00pm

Location: Rosemont Elementary School, Rosemont Primary School

To Volunteer: Please email

Questions and Feedback

  • Event contact: Christian Johnson

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