Bicycle Ride And Seek – Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014

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Our good friends, Bike Friendly Richardson is having their Photo Scavenger Hunt, similar to our PhotoVelo Scavenger Hunt this past Saturday. If you missed our’s here’s another great opportunity to meet some new friends and have a great time!

Originally posted on Bike Friendly Richardson:


You are invited to participate in Richardson’s 2nd Annual Ride And Seek, Photo Scavenger Hunt. From mid-October to mid-November, we are inviting and motivating folks to get out and ride their bikes, explore their neighborhoods and win prizes!

This year’s theme will be “The Bike Racks of Richardson”.

Bike Friendly Richardson is working with the City of Richardson to gather data on the current inventory of available bicycle parking throughout the city. We thought this would be a fun way to involve the bike community and collect valuable information that will help make our city more bike friendly.

Date: October 15- November 16 (a whole month)
Place: Various Richardson Locations. We need cyclists to explore every corner of our city.
Prizes: A few partners have donated prizes that we will give away to participants via raffle
Sponsors:Richardson Bike Mart, Alamo Drafthouse, Ten50 BBQ

– Self-paced…

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Bicycle Brewery Tour Wrap Up

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In our third edition, this month’s Bicycle Brewery Tour delivered all of the elements of a great social ride!  Excellent weather, unpredictable outcomes, and of course premium local craft beer.

The meet up location was changed to the western entrance of the new Continental St. Viaduct Park, which delivers a great way to access the new Trinity Skyline Trail and is a perfect route to the three best gateway districts in Dallas for the growing craft brewery industry:  The Design District, West Dallas, and Oak Cliff!

The Design District

Possibly ground central of craft beer in Dallas, award winners Community Brewing Co. and, Peticolas Brewing Co. are stallworth’s in the industry, and newcomer Noble Rey Brewing Co. all call it home.  Community has been there since the beginning of our tour back in February of 2013,  and then in October of 2013.


West Dallas

Four Corners is the sole occupant in the Trinity Groves development.  Definitely a quality pour for anyone looking for a quality beer.


Oak Cliff

Small Brew Pub isn’t even open yet, but has been on the tour in the past.  New to the tour this year, a non-beer participant Bishop Cider Co.  We look forward to next year, or possibly sooner!  Stay tuned….;)

Cyclesomatic | Bike-In Movie, October 17th, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

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The Rosemont Dad’s Club invites you to ride your bicycle, scooter, or walk to the second annual bike n BBQ movie night. $10.00 per adult for BBQ and sides, the kids get FREE hot dogs and chips plus water. We will have an inflatable screen and show a current movie after dinner.
Here are the details:


Rosemont Elementary School, 719 N. Montclair Ave, Dallas, TX 75208


  6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

RSVP on Facebook Here


Extend the Streetcar, Stop Subsidizing Parking Garages

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(The new streetcar line connecting Oak Cliff to Downtown Dallas. photo from

We’ve reached a point where the success of the Bishop Arts District is causing an unpleasant realization: We’re out of room, and we either spread to the next block, or we start digging parking garages. At approximately $10Million dollars a garage, you’re looking at a hefty expense for something that benefits a small area for a small set of people. What’s the alternative? Invest in the streetcar. At the current $30Million, you’re at the cost of roughly 4 car garages, but the streetcar gets smart dense development occurring and provides a viable alternative to the car that finally pushes us out of this chicken and egg issue we’re faced with when trying to cram more cars into walkable communities.

Zang Triangle Apartments, built along the new streetcar line. The streetcar encourages smart, dense development in a way that no other transit mode can come close.

Once the streetcar begins touching neighborhoods and truly accommodates a neighborhoods lifestyle (ie. in front of schools so kids can ride, from homes to commercial corridors to buy groceries, and connecting regional transit links like light rail), then you’ll see an explosion of use. For now, we had to get a stake in the ground and connect Downtown to the neighborhood. At this point, all energy should turn away from the parking garage debate (because honestly, we’ll need three for Jefferson, one for Tyler/Davis, one for Edgefield/Davis, etc.), start redirecting the energy and funds to streetcars. It’s the same price in the end, but you actually see that historic Bishop Arts form develop along lines (notice the Zang Triangle apartments, upcoming developments by Trammell Crowe, and the planned conversion of Oak Farms Dairy). Where the lines run, density follows, and once they turn, you’ll see sprawl begin. And it’s already proven around the country where streetcars have been returned.

Parking garages, an expensive band-aid that incentivizes auto use, creating induced demand, and largely used by employees and tenants. Auto centric habits are reinforced, without promoting a strong alternative

Right now, North Oak Cliff is being asked to pony up $7Million for a parking garage 2 blocks away from Bishop Arts, which would also be used for a new dense development. The reality is that 80% of this garage will be used by tenants and employees, with roughly 50 spaces left over for visitors. And looking at similar developments, notice that people don’t travel far from garages…you don’t go to PinkBerry in uptown and park in West Village, even though it’s a block away. You either find onstreet or go to the parking garage immediately connected to it.

Bishop Arts District, its scale, density, and form were all spurred on by the original Oak Cliff Streetcar. If you began tearing down buildings to create more parking, the form dies and it no longer looks/feels like a walkable corridor. It feels like the suburbs, which it effectively is trying to replicate


Oak Cliff was built as a streetcar suburb. The reason there’s very little parking in front of the Kessler Theatre,  The Texas Theatre, et  cetera, was because a streetcar ran right to the front door. If we’re going to use public dollars, and we want to continue the form and success of Bishop Arts, build something that disincentivizes auto use (don’t incentivize), allow for incremental density so people have a reason to walk and have more daily uses in close proximity (don’t make people drive to buy a gallon of milk), and begin incorporating multi-modal uses onto the street (bike lanes, streetcars, etc), and make the pedestrian environment irresistible (wide contiguous sidewalks, tree canopied streets, small merchants fronting the sidewalk, cafe seating). The idea of removing cars seems counter-intuitive and scary to pretty much everyone we talk to, but I can say as a restaurant owner in Bishop Arts that we’ve actually removed parking spaces to create bicycle parking and added additional cafe seating and seen an increase in business year over year. Not a decrease which everyone claimed would happen. If the pedestrian environment is irresistible, people will walk even further (notice Klyde Warren Park). Instead of garages, extend the streetcar to the large surface lots along Centre Street (South of Jefferson). People can begin parking there and use the rail to get to Bishop Arts, or better yet, additional attractions and merchants along the way.  If we continue with the “just add cars” mantra, we’re just buying a bigger belt to address a weight problem.

Cyclesomatic | PhotoVelo Scavenger Hunt, October 12, 2014 1:30 – 5:00 pm

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Our annual PhotoVelo team challenge is this Sunday afternoon! Grab three friends, a camera and meet us The Wild Detectives for an afternoon of photo scavenger hunting around Oak Cliff. We’ve got a trophy and prizes for the winning teams!
Here are the details:

Meet up location:

Meet up time:
Teams can start arriving, registering, and get a the list of photographs at 12:00pm. Roll out when your team is ready. Arrive back with printed photographs for judging by 5:00pm or your team is disqualified. We will be judging photographs in a variety of criteria, but they must be printed. We’ve got gift certificates and a trophy for the winners.
Don’t forget happy hour prices for all participants at The Wild Detectives all day.

Cyclesomatic | Swaptoberfest Bike Swap, October 11th, 12:00 – 4:00 PM

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Our second-annual Swaptoberfest returns to Community Beer Company for a Saturday afternoon of  sippin’ and swappin’.

Buy, sell, and swap bicycles, parts, and gear. Our event is open to vendors wanting to sell any kind of bicycles, parts, accessories, clothing, memorabilia, etc. Antique, road, BMX, MTB—all are welcome. No Craigslist or Facebook posting required, this is live man! So are the bands and food trucks!

$20 table donation for vendors
Extra $10 entry includes 3 beer-tasting tokens
$5 entry for non-drinkers
Free for kids

Tables for sellers can be reserved here

Here are the details:



Community Brewing Co.


12:00 PM –  4:00 PM

RSVP on Facebook Here

Event is rain or shine

Cyclesomatic | Bicycle Brewery Tour, October 4th, 1:30 – 7:00 PM

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The original Bicycle Brewery Tour is back for a third round, and will be kicking off this year’s 6th annual Cyclesomatic on October 4th!
Here are the details:


Meet Up Location:

  West entrance of the Continental Bridge Park; near Trinity Groves

Meet Up Time:

  1:30 PM

Departure Time:

  2:00 PM

RSVP on Facebook Here

Event is rain or shine

Read tips on how to prepare for a bicycle brewery tour!

Stop Location Arrival Departure Cost
1st Community Brewing Co. 2:15 3:15 $10 online, $15 at door
2nd Four Corners Brewing 3:30 4:30 All Day Alehouse, $3 cans
3rd Bishop Cider Co. 4:45 PM 1st group; 5:00 PM 2nd group 5:45 Day of menu
4th The Foundry 6:00 7:00 Day of menu



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