Data Returns from Pilot Dedicated Bike Lane Show Across the Board Reductions in Accidents

November 28, 2009 § 3 Comments

(9th Avenue Cycle Track, Photo from Flickr user AllwayNY)

We had noted the 66% increase in ridership after New York installed 200 miles of bicycle infrastructure in 3 years. Now the data returns from the 9th Avenue pilot dedicated bicycle lane (physically separated) project is in, and showing the following results:

• a 36% reduction in pedestrian-related injuries;
• a 50% reduction in injuries from all crashes;
• a 41% reduction in the total number of crashes; and
• an 80% reduction in sidewalk cycling, all of which occurred despite
• a 57% increase in cycling traffic on that corridor. 2

So not only are cycling accidents reduced, but since protected bike lanes work as simple traffic calming devices they are also reducing the risk and severity of collisions for pedestrians as well…all while increasing cycling levels, improving public
health, creating better air quality and less noise pollution.
The study also notes that physically separated bicycle lanes appear to correct and standardize cyclist behavior:

“bicyclists stop at intersections more often and obey general traffic rules better when roadways are marked to include them. Bicyclists are also less likely to ride on sidewalks when onstreet bike lanes exist.”

As you’ll note from our past articles, Dallas best chance of creating a successful bicycle friendly community is to develop well beyond simple painted bike lanes, and look to more European influenced dedicated cycle tracks. Danish planner, Soren Jensen, noted this to BFOC here in our correspondance with him, detailing that not only would cycle tracks increase safety, but that they would also increase ridership.

Reason #328 To Advocate For Dedicated Bicycle Lanes / Cycle Tracks

September 6, 2009 § 12 Comments

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