Cyclesomatic Bike to City Hall

Councilman Scott Griggs presents
“Ride to City Hall”

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8:30 AM

~200 miles of bicycle infrastructure by the end of 2013

Show your support for the new 2011 Dallas Bike Plan, and rally to kick-off the first road projects incorporating bicycle infrastructure.  Join Councilman Scott Griggs, fellow bicyclists, and City Hall officials to ride to Dallas City Hall Plaza.  The updated Bike Plan gave us a vision for the future.  As we begin the first on-street bicycle infrastructure projects, we’re setting a goal of 200 miles of bicycle lanes, sharrows, and cycle tracks by 2013.  Let’s show City Hall they have our support!

Date:  Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oak Cliff Meet Up

  • Meet time:  7:00 AM
  • Meet location:  Bishop and 7th St @ Oddfellows restaurant
  • Departure time:  7:30 AM

All Groups Meet Up

  • All Groups Meet time:  8:00 AM
  • All Groups Departure time:  8:15 AM
  • Meet location:  Groups will congregate at Union Station, and then ride directly to Dallas City Hall plaza
  • **Any and all local bicycle groups are encouraged to organize a ride to Union Station for the large meet up before riding to Dallas City Hall.  Once there, a brief press conference will take place.

City Hall Biker Gang Lunch

You’re also invited to join the informal City Hall Biker Gang for a group ride to lunch downtown. We’ll ride together  from City Hall to the Arts District to check out the food truck fare.

  • Meet location: City Hall Plaza facing Young St, near the doors to City Hall
  • Departure time:  12:00 PM

Questions and Feedback

  • Event contact: Amanda Popken


  1. My group of recumbent bike riders are very excited about these plans. We are the oldest and largest group of recumbent riders in N.Texas and log thousands of miles annualy. It will be a great day indeed when the entire DFW metroplex is linked together via safe bikeways. I do most of my miles on the Trinity Trails for now but if my trails here are linked with those in Dallas, well,, I’m just going to have to pack up a trailer and buy extra bateries for my camera and keep riding till I complete riding the whole new system. I would love to see more people be encouraged to ride to work ocasionaly and a more eloborate system would encourage that. It would make them healthier and bring people closer together.

  2. j.martin: Thought I’d send this your way. I sent emails out to many bicycling groups to participate in the Bicycle Fair and Showcase we’re doing on Oct 22nd from 12-6pm in Lake Cliff Park, Oak Cliff. I didn’t hear back from your group, but we’d love you guys to be involved and exhibit your organization. Please email me at if you’re interested or go to to find out more!

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