Humor: The Inefficacy of Everyday Traffic Control Systems as Represented by Cycle Dallas

In keeping with our tradition of monitoring the anti-bike lane blog, Cycle Dallas, we’ve noticed a peculiar strategy regularly invoked by its author. Simply post pictures of a mangled bicycle in a bike lane, and state with bizarre logic, “See! This proves the failure/inefficacy of bike lanes!…Once again we haven’t found the magic paint that will stop a car from hitting a bicycle in a bike lane…so get rid of them!”

One thing we’d like to note…bike lanes aren’t safety devices…they’re traffic control systems. Somehow Cycle Dallas has made the leap that any accidents that occur from people disregarding traffic control systems deem their removal.

Sure, any rational person would find this an odd strategy for opposing bike lanes, but we don’t necessarily look to Cycle Dallas for logic…humor, but definitely not logic (side note: remember, this is a person who considers Portland a total failure). On that note, we present other images of twisted wrecks and the failed traffic control systems that we’re assuming PM Summer feels should be done away with due to their inefficacy at preventing accidents:

Stop Signs

The logic: Thousands of magic stop signs exist throughout neighborhoods all over Dallas. Since they’re really not physically stopping cars, we should ditch them and create a mass education program warning of the potential for conflict at intersections.


Traffic Lights

The logic: We haven’t found the traffic signal that will stop a car from running a red light. This is such a common occurrence that the reality here is that if you removed the lights, everyone would be so friggin’ nervous about whether it was safe to drive through an intersection, that they’d slow down. Hell, we all know that when the power goes out, everyone decides to take turns and treat an intersection like a four-way stop. So let’s yank those traffic lights!

Speed Limit Signs

The logic: We haven’t found the speed limit sign that will stop a car from going high speeds and potentially causing a wreck (see above). This proves the inefficacy of speed limit signs as safety devices. If people would just educate themselves on the reality that driving fast is a bad bad thing, then everyone will drive slow, and feel safer…so join us in advocating a removal of all speed limit signs!


Train Crossing Signals

The logic: Come on, people…really. Obviously someone will still try and beat the train, why throw up an expensive (and pointless) barrier that does nothing to prevent the accident? This photo obviously proves the inefficacy of train signals as safety devices for traffic.

Feel free to throw in your own mangled car/train/plane/bicycle wreck picture, and blame the traffic control device for failure to prevent an accident. It’s easy and fun!

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