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Dallas City Hall Living Plaza Video

The video is here! “Ultimately, Holly White’s studies outline simple and inexpensive solutions that have a big impact on the creation of humane, active, and lively places. When you break it down, it’s all intuitive stuff like ‘bring chairs,’ ‘create shade,’ ‘add food,’ but we seem to overlook these time and again and pursue bigger ticket […]

Chic Cargo Bike in OC

Sales of cargo bikes are on the up, and not just in their traditional strongholds of Denmark and the Netherlands. While it is premature to hazard that they might be the next big thing in Dallas cycling, there seems at least to be a clear pattern worldwide of increasing numbers of people using them to make […]

The Manhattan Bicycle Experiment

Bicycle facilities come in many shapes and sizes from shared lanes with cars to median separated “cycle tracks”. Dallas is considering a number of these and we saw them in stick figure form at the bike meeting a few months ago, but what do they really look like and more importantly what are they like […]

Bike to Kessler, Get 1/2 Off Oct. 16th

BFOC friend and Austin recording artist Dan Dyer is playing the Kessler immediately following Saturday’s Cyclesomatic block party. Ride your bike to the Kessler that night and receive half off the regular ticket price, which means you pay only five bucks! Check out Dan riding his cargo bike to SXSW.