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Community Gardening and Overregulation

Many of our best community gardens are quite underwhelming and certainly not the work of any self-respecting landscape architect.  Mulch paths crisscrossed by plastic irrigation tubing.  A pile of dirt needing attention.  An unimposing wooden coop held together by chicken-wire.  A wheelbarrow with a flat tire.  Beautifully messy places nevertheless.  Everything has a purpose and […]

In Praise of Our Founding Farmers Markets and Budding Urban Agriculture

At BFOC, we like nothing more than to ride our bicycles to a local neighborhood or farmers market and buy local.  So, we have been following the discussions of the Transportation and Environment Committee, which is considering new City-wide policies for regulating both community gardens and neighborhood farmers markets. One anti-farmers market talking point is […]

Speaking of Community Gardens

Community Gardens of Oak Cliff have an official web presence now. Go here to catch up on all of the latest details on the different gardens around the Cliff, and sign up to get involved.

More From the OC Community Gardens: Experiments on Code Hybridization

Article by OC Community Garden Advocate, Scott Griggs In gardening and biology, hybridization is the crossbreeding of two species to create a plant with some characteristics of each parent. We all remember high school botany and the stories of the great Gregor Mendel using hybridization in pea plants to discover that one inheritable trait would […]

A chance to fight for our community gardens!

(photo from Willard Farms) Many of you may know that BFOC has several community gardener’s as members, and currently we’re planning a group ride which takes you to visit several of the plots they currently have developed. With that in mind, Mariana Griggs, Founder of Oak Cliff Community Gardens sends out a note to all […]

Observer article about “Bikos” making Oak Cliff into the new Austin

(BFOC Member and head of OC Community Gardens, Mariana Griggs. Photo by Mark Graham) Jim Schutze wrote a great article about our efforts to bring community gardens, bicycling awareness, and more to North Oak Cliff. Our own, Mariana Griggs, is spotlighted as she bicycles around the OC discussing all of the work taking place by […]