First Buffered Bicycle Lanes in Dallas Installed at Rosemont Elementary

It’s hard to believe the day has finally come when we no longer say Dallas still doesn’t have a dedicated bike lane.  A plan to include bicycle infrastructure at the lower Rosemont Elementary School campus has started bearing fruit this past week when the City of Dallas laid down buffered bicycle lanes and a new crosswalk on Mary Cliff Rd from Rainer to Taft, and bicycle sharows from Taft to Kings Highway.

New dedicated buffered bike lanes at Rosemont Elementary’s lower campus. Photo is looking north on Mary Cliff Rd at the intersection of Stephens Forest Rd in Oak Cliff

Further improvements, to be completed soon on Stephens Forest Dr., include lane re-stripping, a raised crosswalk, and more bicycle infrastructure.  The project has been community lead since iBike Rosemont, a bicycle awareness program started by Christian Johnson, Jason Roberts, local parents and non-parent residents in the Spring of 2009.  Here’s a great video about iBike Rosemont:

Now that new paint has been laid, work still needs to be done in educating drivers in how to travel through the new infrastructure.  Look for a public awareness campaign to rev up throughout this Fall during Cyclesomatic!

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