Hosting a Polarike: A Cycling Polaroid Party

How to Polarike:

  1. Bring a bike
  2. Bring a Polaroid camera and film
  3. Bring lots and lots of friends
  4. Ride, take pictures, swap, keep

Polariking an informal cycling party in which you gather your friends and neighbors to ride around your area for an allocated amount of time to snap Polaroids that will be up for trade (like a white elephant gift exchange) at the end of the party. Get ready to fight for the Polaroids you like. Friends can be very competitive over such creative endeavors.

At least twenty of us met in the King’s Highway neighborhood the other Saturday for our first Polarike. It was so much fun that our second Polarike is happening this Saturday, only in East Dallas this time.  

Below are just a few Polaroids from our first Polarike that had us riding down Davis, though the Bishop Arts district, to Kidd Springs and Lake Cliff, and down historic Jefferson Blvd. I hope this inspires you to host a Polarike of your own. And if so, send me an invite and I’ll bring some friends. xx, Holly




  1. Deanne Teeter · ·

    Polarik-ing is so much fun. Oak cliff is definitely a perfect place to host one, with so much to photograph.

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