Bishop Arts Bike Fair a Success


Sunday was a beautiful day for a bike ride and a handful of Dallas cyclists took the chance to peddle over to the Bishop Arts District for the first annual Oak Cliff Bike Fair.  The Dallas Police department was kind enough to send out their mobile bike rodeo.  The rodeo was a hit with the wee ones who all came away with shiny new helmets.  Spiral Diner was also present selling their delicious vegan baked goods to hungry cyclist.  Other vendors chatted with enthusiasts and showed off their wares.  Cyclists of all types were present. From young families with kiddies in tow to single speed riding hipsters, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Although turn out was lower than expected, we are already looking next year’s fair when we will hopefully be celebrating our headway in bringing bike lanes to Oak Cliff!  Thank you the Dallas Police Department, Spiral Diner, and the Make Store for making this event a success!


  1. I’m glad it was a success. I wanted to attend but things just didn’t work out. I’ll be looking forward to next years Bikefaire.

  2. Thanks for setting it up. I was really happy that something like this was in Dallas. It was a little sparse as far as what it had to offer, but I am excited about next year. I will definitely be there.

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