BFOC closing in on 100 members!

We’re up to 96 members. Sign up as a group member at our Facebook site to be notified of the latest rides, events, and more. Also, increasing our membership allows us to further our efforts for promoting bicycle infrastructure in Dallas.

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature here at BFOC: Member profiles and their rides.


  1. I heart bike lanes · ·

    So, the only way to get updates is to join a group on Facebook? What if someone doesn’t want to join Facebook? How are they supposed to get updates?

    I live near Fair Park and rarely ride anymore, since moving here from Portland. The only place I really feel safe riding alone is where there are no cars. It is scary enough walking in Dallas, where people speed up to run red lights! I’d love to know when and where a large group was riding, as being in the middle of a peloton feels so much safer, than using the bicycle-lane less streets of big D.

    I hope BFOC ends up as large and proactive as

  2. No need to sign up with Facebook. Just keep an eye on the blog and we should update all group rides, events, etc. here. Hope to see you at the next one!

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