An Awesome Ride!

(photo by Brian Green)

The site of 130+ cyclists crossing the Houston Street Viaduct into Oak Cliff was amazing to behold. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sky was cloudless, and the temperature hovered around 65 degrees. Everyone met in front of the Sixth Floor Museum and we all made our way into Oak Cliff, following the escape route of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Dallas Morning News sent a camera crew, that followed us for most of the journey. There should be a follow up story in tomorrow’s paper. With the success of this ride, we’re planning another one very soon!


  1. […] windy 6 months out of the year. In comparison, Dallas has a record 8 months of mild temperatures. Our 68 degree bike ride on February 2nd proved that. In the end, we only need the will for change. Email your council […]

  2. Patricia Puckett-Hall · ·

    I’m sorry that I didn’t know about this event earlier. I own the Beckley house where Lee Harvey Oswald lived at the time of the assination. This last November I agreed to start allowing groups to tour the inside of the house to see where his room was. It hasn’t been restored as of yet, which are a part of future plans. If your group would like to visit and see the room, I’m acepting donations to go to the restoration of the room and house. I can be contacted to arrange time and date, at 214-943-3336.

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