Group Ride: On the Trail of Bonnie and Clyde

Update! It looks like we may double the attendance of our last ride, which was 125. The Belmont Hotel is offering all cyclists $2 Shiners, so tell everyone you know!

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With the awesome success of the Lee Harvey Bike Ride, we’ve decided to roll out our next themed ride: On the Trail of Bonnie and Clyde. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the infamous duo’s ambush on a back road in Louisiana after a two year crime spree (1932-1934). Once again, we’ll begin our ride at Dealey Plaza at 2:30PM on Sunday, March 29th.

Our trip will take us over the historic Continental Bridge (West Dallas Viaduct), made famous in Bonnie’s poem “The Trail’s End”. From there, we’ll pass the famous Lillie McBride “Shoot-out” House, the Barrow Family Filling Station, visit Clyde and his brother Buck’s grave site, and more. Also, we’ll stop at the Belmont Hotel for drinks, and take in the best view of Downtown Dallas from the West side of the Trinity.

The ride is approximately 6.5 miles, with some small and medium sized hills. This ride will be weather permitting. If temperatures drop below 50 degrees, or it’s raining/windy, we’ll plan on rescheduling. Check back prior to the ride date for updates.

Highlights of the trip will include:

– Meeting at Dealey Plaza to see the original 1913 Dallas County Criminal Court and Jail Bldg
– Riding over Continental Bridge
– Stopping at the Lillie McBride “Shoot-out” House
– Stopping at the Barrow Filling Station
– Visiting the grave site of Clyde and Buck Barrow
– Drinks at Bar Belmont

The following link is a map of our proposed route:


  1. How do I sign up (I’m coming in from L.A.)

  2. No sign up necessary. Just meet us on the grassy knoll in front of the Sixth Floor Museum. You should see a ton of bicyclists when you get there. Let us know if you need a bike for the occasion. Also, you can stay at the Belmont Hotel if you want. We’re all heading there for one of our stops.

  3. Thanks – I have a home in North Oak Cliff and a bike so I should be good to go.

  4. Mr_Christopher · ·

    My wife and I stayed at the Belmont not long ago. VERY nice place but the bar has a hard time keeping up with about 10 customers…I hope they plan on hiring some extras that day.

  5. We warned them. They’re setting up a patio bar for us.

  6. is this ride going to be a fast ride or one that maybe my wife could ride on? She is a new rider.

  7. definitely! all of our rides are aimed at casual riders.

  8. T. Strong · ·

    Hate, I missed it. Looking forward to next year.

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