A Quick Primer on DART’s new SLRV Light Rail’s with Bike Racks

DART rolled out its newest trains a few months back, called SLRV’s. These have several enhancements including ground level entrance for better ADA compliancy, and two bike hooks per car! Right now, there’s only a handful of these cars, and you don’t see them on every grouping of trains, but the indicator to look for from the outside is the paint that dips down (shown above). At rush hour, they typically have one or two SLRV’s added to every departure.

Once you climb aboard with your ride, you’ll note a single hook where you can lift your bike and hang the front wheel. The back wheel rests in a trench and a handle sits above every bike to make it easy to stand next to and hold, seen here:

They’re very easy to use, and it makes bicycling to work that much easier. We’ll post an update on the new bus bike racks soon as well…stay tuned!


  1. It’s weird. I’ve seen several people with bikes on these new trains but never once seen a single bike hanging from the hook.

  2. With the paniters it takes two people to lift my bike. I doubt that I will use this.

    If I read this right the floor is level with the platform correct? I tried a dry run one time and could not get my bike up the stairs in the regular cars.

  3. yes. you enter at floor level. they’re much easier to get up, though there is a coluimn smack dab in the middle of the doorway that can be challenging to navigate around.

  4. Julie M. · ·

    I love the new SLRVs. Much easier to access with a bike, even with those annoying poles in the middle of the doors. I heard that they were going to eventually remove them, as there’s no wheelchair that can get through those doors as they are now. However, I don’t have the upper body strength or the height to get my bike up on that hook. It sure wasn’t designed for short girls!

  5. John B · ·

    The poles are temporary. DART is raising their boarding platforms to meet the new SLRV door. Right now, some stations are raised, some aren’t. The door pole prevents someone in a wheelchair from entering at a renovated station and then being trapped when their destination is not renovated.

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