Coombs Creek Trail Ribbon Cutting Tomorrow Morning! Need BFOC cyclists for photo-op!

The first leg of the paved Coombs Creek Trail has been completed and a ribbon cutting is set for tomorrow (Saturday, April 18th) morning. We’ve been asked to bring out as many BFOC cyclists as possible for the event. We’ll try to arrive around 9ish in the morning, and will probably be riding in a small parade at 9:30AM. The trail is located at Kessler Parkway and Junior Drive (on the North West side of Methodist hospital). The best way to get there is to take Sylvan Northbound towards I-30. Kessler Parkway is on street before the highway. Go right (East) to Junior. There should be a good crowd out that can point everyone the rest of the way.

Hope to see you all out!

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