Friday is National Bike to Work Day!

Tomorrow (Friday, May 15) cyclists across the U.S. will give road rage a rest and pedal or stroll to work. For those of us who live in Oak Cliff, the most dangerous part of bicycle commuting can be crossing the Trinity River and I-30. For safety in numbers, Oak Cliff Transit Authority’s Jason Roberts and Oak Cliff Bicycle Company’s Jeremy Ordaz will lead a group ride from the Bishop Arts District (N. Bishop Ave. @ W. 7th St., 75208) to Union Station. From there, smaller groups can ride to offices in downtown or uptown Dallas, and those who work further north can take their bikes on the train. Gather in Bishop Arts at 7am and depart at 7:30am sharp!

Don’t forget to wear your helmet and BFOC safety orange if you have it.

One comment

  1. Major Taylor · ·

    Just mentioned it on KERA this morning.
    They said BFOC would be leading a ride into town.


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