Bishop Arts Summerfest and homebrew beer competition benefiting BFOC on June 14th!

Eno's Poster
Come out to Bishop Arts on Sunday! Our favorite beer tavern is judging the District’s first annual Summerfest and homebrew beer competition on June 14th from 2pm to 6pm. It will be outdoors with live music by the Happy Bullets, and City Folk and plenty of great brews to sample. It’s bike and dog friendly, so bring the whole gang!


  1. sleepypasture · ·

    Hooray for events on Sundays!!

  2. Hi, we will be coming down from denton this afternoon to hopefully take a small bike tour around downtown dallas to the bishop arts center. Could anyone give some suggestions as far as routes to take, etc.

    thanks in advance!

  3. Hi J.W.,

    The route I typically take is Houston Street South, over the viaduct. Stay to the right and you’ll eventually hit Beckley. There’s a bit of a hill here, but you’ll take this to Colorado Boulevard. From there, go right (West) to Bishop Blvd, which is right in front of Methodist Hospital. At that point hang a left (South) on Bishop and take it straight down to Davis, which puts you on the North end of the Bishop Arts District.

    The downside of this route is that it’s hot out today, and the bridge is one mile long with no shade. You may want to take a DART bus from downtown, or even take the DART Rail from Downtown to the Tyler/Vernon station. From there you can head North on Tyler for about a mile until you hit Seventh Street (you can also take Davis which is one block past Seventh). From there, go East into the District (1/2 mile…it’s at Bishop Blvd.). The latter route will provide a bit more shade for ya!

  4. gabriel · ·

    I’ll be heading down shortly, from Winnetka Heights, on a black Diamondback hardtail. I’m sure I’ll be needing a tasty beverage once I get there… 🙂

  5. […] been raising quite a bit of funds recently through the sales of t-shirts, online fundraisers, and a homebrew fest. We’ve got a couple of bike racks on order, some “share the road” signage plans, […]

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