Fort Worth Becoming Bike Friendly!

So they’ve got a leg up on us here in Dallas, but it looks like we won’t be far behind! In case you missed April’s presentation in Downtown Forth Worth, their city planner is unrolling an incredibly ambitious bike plan which they’re hoping to implement by 2015. Highlights include:

  • Striped bicycle-only lanes would massively increase from 8.5 miles to a truly impressive 475.9 miles.
  • Sharrow routes would jump from 39.6 miles to 224.1 miles.
  • Bus-only lanes in Downtown would change to bus & bike-only, for a total of 1.75 miles.
  • Off-street bike trails would increase from 58.4 miles to 153.3 miles.
  • Sidepaths would increase from 3.9 miles to 43.1 miles.

And what does this mean for Dallas? Well, for starters, Fort Worth’s lead planner is now going to be Chairing NCTCOG’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). This has major implications for our city and its future bike planning.

BFOC will try to get an interview with FW’s lead planner for more details shortly, so check back soon!


  1. One step in the green direction…

  2. Steve A · ·

    tryparkingit – pretty pathetic when my commute alone marked 12.9% of the TOTAL miles recorded using bike mode…

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