BFOC Member Profile: Malina Pearson

Since we’re nearing the 500 mark for the BFOC Facebook group, we thought it would be fun to start regularly profiling members and their bikes. We hope to make this a weekly feature, so feel free to forward us pics of you and your ride!

First up:

(photo by Andrea Roberts)

Malina Pearson

Which OC neighborhood do you live in?:
i live in the l.o. daniel neighborhood ( which my friends like to pronounce with a british accent as if to say “‘ ‘ello daniel! “)

i am a prop stylist for print photography, mainly catalogs & editorial.

Tell us about your bike:
i bought my bike on craigslist from a really cool guy named larry in mansfield, tx..
he styled the bike out for his daughter, complete with wicker basket, funny horn, leather grips & a super cushy seat.
but i guess she was looking for an upgrade, so lucky me!
she’s a trophy, a brand that no one seems to have heard of.
her name is shirley 2, as an homage to the original trusty shirley that saw me through many years & miles in manhattan.

What are your favorite local spots to ride to?
currently my favorite bike trips in the o.c. include my friends’ houses, el si hay, kavala, stopping to check out the progress at oak cliff bikes and most recently the ice cream shop on davis near edgefield.


  1. Lynne Richardson · ·

    i saw a piece on malina in the o.c. advocate mag. i would love to meet her 7 her two little dogs, as i’m a house/dog sitter. can you put us in touch?

  2. Christy Heimsath · ·

    Great Picture…

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