BFOC Pedicab for Bishop Arts!

We’ve been raising quite a bit of funds recently through the sales of t-shirts, online fundraisers, and a homebrew fest. So far with the funds, we’ve got a couple more bike racks on order, some “share the road” signage plans, a September Bicycle event, and an entry point sign into Oak Cliff stating “Welcome to Oak Cliff. A Bike Friendly Community” on the way.

We also used some funds to pick up a pedicab (above)! So now, when you’re in Bishop Arts, be sure to keep an eye out for this three-wheeled wonder. The guys at Oak Cliff Bicycle Company are giving it a once over, and we’ll probably be painting it up, but once completed, it will be available to ferry visitors around the district and back and forth between Tyler Street, Bolsa, Bishop Arts, the Texas Theatre and more. All proceeds from tips and advertising go right back into more bicycle projects for the OC!


  1. Hubbard · ·

    Way to go! Keep up the good work.

  2. I thought pedicabs were illegal in Dallas?!

  3. They are illegal on streets with posted speed limits in excess of 30 mph. We’re sticking to streets like Bishop, Seventh, and Eighth streets.

  4. These are known as Cycle rickshaws in India… necessity drives one to use them… here it seems like it is fashion…

  5. JaBless · ·

    More like …Trendy…

    I like what is being done with the biking thing…but as far as pedicabs around here…it’s not feasable and VERRRY Dangerous. Let’s get the streets alot safer first before we start pushing the idea of pedicabs. The people around here drive like maniacs!

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