Italian Abici Bicycles

It’s a given that Italy is known for beauty and leisure. The manufacturer, Abici, combines these two in their line of classically inspired bicycles. The website tells the story of the company’s history as:

“Three friends in the Lombard/Emilian province and a passion born in a tavern, between a bottle of “lambrusco” and a “tortelli” course. This is how the ABICI idea was born.

Giuseeppe Marcheselli, Stefano Seletti, Cristiano Gozzi started from old 50’s catalogues of an italian artisan and they began to dream of a prototype, trying to imagine a bicycle without frills and adding simple hi-tech details, the bicycle in its pure and naked form”

Right now, the only company I find selling them in the US is Copenhagen Cyclery in Chicago. The perfect compliment to an espresso and outdoor patio. Let’s hope they arrive in Oak Cliff soon.


  1. Mr Christopher · ·

    Those are very hip bikes. It would be cool if someone in Dallas carried them. Electra carries similar bikes in their Amsterdam line and they can be found locally:

    And the Gary Fisher Simple City bikes have an elegance about them as well. I had planned to buy the 3 speed model but instead I’m going to convert an older bike into something like one.


  2. you can purchase these bicycles online at
    they ship them to you for free.

  3. These bikes are available all over the place. I found a dealer locater on the distributors website.

  4. I must say, my store in Denver just picked up the Abici line and they are soo fun to ride. They are colorful, responsive, comfortable, and not too heavy. The Abici bicycle does garner attention on the street. signed Urbanistic Tea & Bike Shop

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