Monday Night Ride set for August 10th at Mockingbird Station

Mark your calendars and be sure to head out to the Mockingbird Station for a group night ride this Monday. Should be fun!


  1. Any details for newbies? Distance? Eat before/after? Anything else? Sounds fun!

  2. I would suggest to eat before the ride. I heard the ride last time was about 15-20 miles, and the majority or riders were riding on a fixie/ss.

  3. I was there last time; we had planned to mellow out the ride and cruise around before a cool down at Barcadia, but we ended up picking up a bunch of brews and went to a guy’s house on lower greenville and partied there. I think he’s talking ab getting cases of beer and just having like an afterparty…

    But yes, eat before, we did about 18 miles last time, and save room for beer.

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