75208 Presents October 2nd Friday Night Ride to Texas Theatre

We noted in a previous post about the film B.I.K.E. being shown at the historic Texas Theatre on the kickoff night for Cyclesomatic. Before the film, there will be a group ride leaving from downtown at 8:30PM, making its way to the theatre. BFOC member Colin Clarke, who also heads 75208 and the most recent Critical Mass Ride, will be leading the group from Downtown to Jefferson Boulevard. Since it will be October, it should be nice and dark by 8:30PM so be sure to grab some LED’s. There’s nothing like seeing a ton of blinking lights from a large group of cyclists through the city at night. Once the film is over, we’ll head back across the bridge into Downtown again. Admission to the film is $8, but if you come on bike, it’s only $5. Movie starts at 9:30PM. There’s also an Event page for the ride on Facebook here. Sign up for more updates.

Tickets available at the door, or online here:

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