Hotel Belmont Offering 20% Off Rooms To Cyclists!

The hippest hotel in Dallas, with the very best view of the skyline has just signed on for the BFOC discount program! The Belmont is offering 20% off on all rooms if you fall into one of the following categories:

– Ride bikes to the hotel
– Travel with bikes
– Coming to a bike event like Cyclesomatic, a race, or other

In all cases, your bicycle is your ticket in! Some blackout dates do apply.

If you haven’t been to the Belmont, we highly recommend taking in one of their incredible movie nights, having a drink on the amazing patio, or eating at the new gourmet BBQ restaurant, SMOKE. This is a great opportunity to score extra points with your significant other, and tour the city by two wheels while taking in some of the best accomodations around.


  1. Do they object if you keep your bike in your room?

  2. Good question. I’d give them a call and ask.

  3. Mr Christopher · ·

    Damn, I wish they had this last Valentines Day. We stayed in a suite and it was pricey, but we had a great time. How long will the discounts apply?

  4. no time limit has been set as of yet. i’ve got a hunch that valentine’s day would be in the blackout period though.

  5. I have to go there soon. Waow !!!

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