New Pashley’s Just Arrived at the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company

Headed over to the OCBC shop tonight to go over last minute details for Cyclesomatic, and arrived just in time to watch them unbox their new inventory of Pashley’s. Above is a single speed Guv’nor, which we all took turns testing around the block. These are beautiful, hand-built bikes out of England, and are built to last. They’ve also picked up a couple of Roadster Sovereign’s and Princesses that look like they’d be at home on the streets of London or Amsterdam. The only other dealer in Texas is Mellow Johnny’s in Austin, and they only carry the Guv’nor, so this is a pretty exciting development for the OC. Swing by the shop for yourself to take a look firsthand before they get snatched up.

One comment

  1. E. Parsons · ·

    Thanks for the post guys.
    We’ve sold 4 of the 5 Pashleys’
    that we recieved already.
    We had them less than 24 hours.
    Most are staying in the Oak Cliff area
    so you will see them around.

    We are ordering more this week.
    If anyone would like to order one
    or request specific colors/option please give us a ring.


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