Dallas Bike to City Hall a Success!

(photo by Dallas Observer, Official City Proclamation Announcing “Bike to City Hall Day”)

Thank you to all who came out in support of Dallas Bikes to City Hall! We had a great turnout, especially given the fact that it was a chilly, overcast day. 6 Council Members total were out in support, and most rode along with us. Council Member Angela Hunt gave us the official city stamped and sealed proclamation that October 7th, 2009 is “Bike to City Hall Day”, signed by the Mayor.

The Dallas Morning News made a video of the event that you can see here:

The Dallas Observer wrote an article here, and the Advocate has uploaded a slide show here.


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  2. I would like to bike commute from Red Oak to the VA hospital- but frankly the roads here are too dangerous for motorized vehicles- let alone a bicycle.
    Too many dangerous drivers under the influence of a panolpy of mood altering substances and beat up “all weather” roads even Mexico would be ashamed of.

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