Bridging the Divide

We’ve decided to head a new direction with BFOC and stick to the high road in regards to those opposed to our efforts. Forgiveness is divine, and we’d like to adhere to a positive approach only when promoting our work in the community. Letting your emotions get the best of you can often take one down the low road, lead to conjecture, hyperbole, and more, when our true hope is to bridge any divide, and not create splits in the advocacy. In the end we realize, everyone’s goal is to promote bicycling for all.

With that being said, we’re pulling any campaign or effort that adds fuel to the fire from this point on and extending an olive branch to our opposition.



  1. dickdavid · ·

    I’m glad that efforts are being made to move forward with bicycle advocacy and focus less on everybody’s differences.

    I honestly feel that, although cyclists have very strong, yet different opinions about the process, we all have the same goal.

    I also feel that there is plenty to learn from each other, and if folks could offer each other productive feedback, as opposed to petty criticisms, we could all benefit in the end.

  2. Agreed. and I’m definitely guilty of adding fuel to the fire. Counter-productive is not a strong enough word for it. I hope everyone sits at the same table, and can all work towards getting people out on two wheels in the community.

  3. Jim Wilson · ·

    Good stuff.
    Simply, mean people suck.

    You are spot on; we all need to move in one direction. There are of course many ways to get there, and… many tools to utilize. No tool should be removed from the tool box, they all have a purpose someplace.

    Thanks to BFOC, its membership and leadership for what you’re doing on the “east-side” from those of us here on the “west-side” (Fort Worth & Benbrook).

    Jim Wilson

  4. dickdavid · ·

    One more thing and I’ll shut up about this. I ran across a really interesting blog post about bike culture that really resonated with me and what I think bike advocacy should be all about.

    It’s a bit off topic but inspirational.

  5. happycommuter · ·

    Bike lanes or roads, spandex or really, really tight jeans. I love anything in a bike. Cheers,


  6. sleepypasture · ·

    I get excited when I see ANYONE on a bike, whatever city I’m in. Can’t wait to see ridership continue to increase in Dallas as we work together to move forward!

  7. Good, glad to see you do this. I was wondering where the “friendly” part of BFOC had gone.

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