BFOC Challenges the Mayor to Bicycle to City Hall

When Boston ranked as Bicycling Magazine’s “Worst City for Bicyling” three years in a row, the Mayor got serious and decided he wanted to make a change. He quickly hired bicycle racing champion, Nicole Freedman, as bicycle coordinator, began reviewing infrastructure planning concepts in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Portland, purchased himself a three-speed Trek, and set to work on making major changes to elevate his city away from that ranking. For a man who hadn’t bicycled in 40 years, he was serious. Also, to prove he meant business, Mayor Menino bicycled to City Hall:

(Boston’s Mayor Menino Bicycling to City Hall – photo by DOMINIC CHAVEZ/BOSTON GLOBE STAFF)

Inspired by this display of action, BFOC launched our own Dallas Bikes to City Hall campaign on October 7th, which was well attended by council members, city planners, business owners, and residents. But one person was missing…Mayor Leppert. Now that Dallas has replaced Boston as “Worst City for Bicycling” on Bicycling Magazine’s list, BFOC is ready to up the ante and offer the following challenge: If the Mayor rides to City Hall within 30 days, we will provide 5 bike racks to Oak Cliff area DISD elementary schools.

That’s right, the gauntlet has been laid, and we’re offering this challenge to prove that our chowder eatin’ neighbors to the North won’t leave us in the dust. And if inspiration is needed on what we can do to make the city a better place for bicycling, we can think of a few people to ask for advice. Also, if you are a business or resident that is interested in supporting this challenge, feel free to offer purchase of a bike rack to your local area school, and we will post it here to help sweeten the pot.

So mark your calendars. Today is October 22nd, and once we’ve received an announcement from Mr. Leppert and the day has been set, we’ll be on hand at City Hall Plaza with camera’s ready!


  1. We participated in this ride…and enjoyed it ! Unless, there was a schedule conflict, I don’t understand why the Mayor didn’t ride.

  2. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see what his reaction will be.

  3. Real quick clarification: Boston’s Mayor was riding a Specialized, not a Trek. (and I’m a Trek poster boy…. wearing a Trek T-shirt as I write this…)

  4. I noticed that too. The Specialized was probably just used for the photo op, but the Boston Globe article that I linked to notes he purchased a Trek for himself.

  5. Actually… if you read Bicycling Magazine’s 2010 list, published earlier this year, Dallas was taken off the list of “Worst Cities”. Please acknowledge that (some) progress that has been made!

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