Photos from Oktoberfest and the Scavenger Hunt

Fortunately, we had a perfect day of weather for the Bicycle Photo Scavener Hunt and Oktoberfest. Thirteen teams competed for prizes doled out by the girls at for the hunt, which they should be uploading pics from shortly. Some of the challenges were pretty far out there, including having someone swim in Lake Cliff, and picturing a guy wearing a Quincinera dress.

Later that day, our favorite local tavern, Eno’s, did a great job of hosting an amazing event, complete with a 20 piece jazz orchestra and enough beer to keep everyone well hydrated on into the night. Special thanks to the folks at Franconia Brewing for bringing out the 200 year old keg and filling everyone’s mugs. Also, thanks go to New Belgium Brewing (for beer, and all the free bicycle goodies), Saint Arnold, Harpoon Brewery, and Real Ale, for donating to the day.

Here’s a few pics from the day with more located here:



    Read it and check out the photos.
    (and OCOFOB still rules!)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the write-up.

  3. […] and planners from around the world – Bike hooks at Eno’s – Bike movies at the Texas Theatre – Oktoberfest, and a Brewfest benefiting BFOC – Tyler Street Block Parties – A Photo scavenger hunt – and […]

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