BFOC Blog Turns 1!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the BFOC blog! We’re excited to note the occasion, and to mark all of the fun accomplishments we’ve managed and or assisted with in such a short time, including:

– A community pledge drive to bring 7 bike racks to area businesses
Reclamation of two bike racks from the soon-to-be-demolished Reunion Arena
– The amazing ten day Cyclesomatic bicycle festival
– The birth of a new bike shop in the Cliff
– A series of bike-in movies at the Belmont Hotel
– The creation of a discounts for cyclists program with area businesses in the OC
An official city proclamation by the Mayor noting “Bike to City Hall Day
– Four massively attended Historic Group Rides promoting Dallas’ history
– A kiddical mass ride
– The return of Dallas Bike Polo
– Work with Council Members, and City staff to promote bicycle initiatives
– Interviews with major US city bicycle coordinators, and planners from around the world
Bike hooks at Eno’s
Bike movies at the Texas Theatre
Oktoberfest, and a Brewfest benefiting BFOC
– Tyler Street Block Parties
– A Photo scavenger hunt
– and more!

Special thanks to our contributors: Holly Jefferson, Hollis Wakefield, Catherine Cuellar, Zac Lytle, Andrea and Jason Roberts.
And thanks to you, our readers who have helped us work towards making Oak Cliff and Dallas a bicycle friendly community.


  1. Congrats! Nice cake!!

  2. dickdavid · ·

    Happy Birthday!!

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