Need ideas for the Tweed Ride? Check out these locals.

Need ideas for the upcoming tweed ride? We have some incredible OC locals that can help you out. First off, talk to Tara Tonini of Tara to the T about a custom outfit and hat (she’s made bicycling hats for us in the past):

We also have another acclaimed milliner, Cassie MacGregor of the House of MacGregor, who has a wide range of vintage hat styles for men and women:

Need some cool, old-school fingerless gloves? Check out Julie’s shop “Make” in Bishop Arts:

And for more outfit ideas, head over to Zola’s Everyday Vintage across the street from Eno’s:

Lastly, Salvation Army and Goodwill stores always have a fairly large selection of old suits and ephemera. The SA on Jefferson & Tyler has been a treasure trove for us from incredible $30 vintage bicycles, to LP’s, and clothing. Of course, their selection changes daily, so you have to check in semi-regularly to find the deals.

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