Alley Cat Race 11/28/09

Just got word that East Dallas’ DOOM is presenting another alley cat race. This time, it’s their third annual Kennedy Assassination Race, which has already garnered a bit of controversy due to the subversive nature of their artwork.

For those attending, the race begins at 1 PM this Saturday with racers meeting at Glencoe Park to start and pick up their manifests. Poker run style.


  1. Include me among the backlashers. I check this site daily and enjoy what you post and agree with your vision of cycling.

    But come on… OCBC stepped way over the lines of decency with this.

    If the goal was to further convince the public at large that cyclists are a bunch of insensitive asshats, then job well done.

  2. Though I’m personally not a fan of the art they chose (just from being a JFK buff), it falls in line with that used by other groups promoting alley cat races around the country. The crowd that attends alley cats are edgier than your standard bicycling group, and to me, it shares it’s counterculture philosophy with the punk rock movement of the late 70’s early 80’s, whose album covers look identical.

  3. Major Taylor · ·

    The artwork is from a 7″ record the Misfits put out decades ago.

    OCBC isn’t putting on the bike race, we just posted all the information we had about the race on our site to help the organizer out.

    What exactly is it about the artwork that offends you?

  4. The fact that the artwork appeared previously doesn’t magically make it less offensive. It’s hard to believe that you wouldn’t understand that, Major Taylor. Even more stultifying is your alleged inability to grasp what it is about the artwork that offends. Find someone else to explain to you why this offends — I have no time to teach sensitivity to the willfully ignorant.

  5. That’s nothing…you should have seen their Ghandi race poster. 😛

  6. All:

    I’m closing the comments on this thread, as it’s starting to fill up with trolls. If anyone takes offense to the race, please take it up with those holding the event. BFOC is neither endorsing, or sponsoring the event, merely reporting that a race is occurring.

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