Oak Cliff Pedicab Effort in the News

NBC covered our BFOC and local businesses efforts to bring pedicabs to North Oak Cliff to help ferry around everyone crossing the river to take in our restaurants and entertainment. Matt at Eno’s and Councilwoman Delia Jasso are interviewed for the piece also:

We’re very close to putting everything into place now, and will be announcing a major event shortly that will spotlight the pedicabs. The full write-up of our efforts can be found on their website here.


  1. sizemattersnot · ·

    Where are the pedicabs? Those are bicycle trailers in the video.

  2. The nbc piece used stock footage from arlington’s cowboys stadium pedicab service. We’re working with Eno’s and the oc bike shop to order them, but we’re first negotiating with the city to make sure existing ordainances can be changed to allow service within the district. We hope to have a small fleet available by spring 2010.

  3. Jim Daniel · ·

    Thought you guys might like this:

    Posted on Craigslist:


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