Kessler Theatre Returns to Life! Open House Sunday With Some Proceeds Benefiting BFOC.

(photo by Melissa Davis Hennings)

The beautiful and historic Kessler Theatre, which opened in 1942 by Gene Autry, comes roaring back to life with a special holiday open house this Sunday, December 27th from 4PM to 6PM. If you mention BFOC at the door, $2 will be given to support our efforts. The official grand opening won’t be until February, but this event is designed to give everyone a peek at the restoration progress that is now taking place.

The event is free and open to the public with special performances by Emily Elbert who will be showcasing new songs from her second CD – to be released this spring – and some old favorites from her debut album, Bright Side. Opening for Emily will be Austin’s Ruby Jane, a 15 year old singer and violinist who has performed with Willie Nelson, and was featured on the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry at age 9, so be sure to bring the kids!

Along with the soon to be opened Nova bike pub, owners at the Kessler are also consulting with BFOC to help make the venue “bike friendly”, so stay tuned for some exciting announcements. The Kessler Theater is located at 1230 West Davis Street in North Oak Cliff, 10 blocks West of Bishop Arts.

One comment

  1. I wonder how many other historic treasures lay rotting around town because the owner cannot meet the modern parking/zoning requirements? The only reason this re-development is taking place is because the current owner also purchased an adjacent property to accomodate automobiles, thus complying with zoning requirements.

    So for the last few decades the city of Dallas prefered to watch this historic jewel decompose instead of granting a zoning variance that would allow it to be brought back to life sans additional property for cars and trucks.

    It is as if they’d prefer Walmart to come in and buy up the entire block, destroy every historic structure in sight in favor of a single mega store with a matching mega parking lot.

    And you would think Dallas leadership would realize that forcing modern parking requirements on buildings and shopping centers that were built prior to automobiles being the primary mode of transportation is not only ridiculous, it discourages development.

    Oh the inrony as Dallas has never met a developer it did not like. You might as well level all of Oak Cliff and replace it with a Galleria (and “state of the art” multi-level parking garage).

    Anyhow, sorry to go on a rant. I’m delighted to hear the Kessler Theatre is making a come back! Maybe one day our city leaders will realize the Galleria (and it’s hideous parking garage) is not the best template for every neighborhood.

    Oh, do current zoning require bikes racks in retail centers? I bet not.


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