BFOC Co-Founder, Holly Jefferson, in OC People


  1. amandalbs · ·


  2. Porch Party · ·

    “The Ultimate Girlfriend”

  3. Major Taylor · ·

    So So fine.

  4. Dave Gallman · ·

    Hey Holly,

    (We’ve met, but a long time ago.)

    Have you seen this?


  5. hi dave,
    thanks for the link, i had not seen that unfair park article yet.
    big ups to big bob wilonsky for always putting the bike-friendly word out there.
    the core group of BFOC organizers learned about this awesome opportunity this morning via email.
    we are all very excited about it and i believe many of us are already filling out the paperwork in hopes of being selected for the committee.
    thanks for thinking us.

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