Biking in Dallas Talks Trails, Lifestyle, and More

(Michael Hubbard of Biking in Dallas)

Another great blog dedicated to everyday bicycling in Dallas has popped up recently, lead by Chris Curnutt and Michael Hubbard, called Biking in Dallas. We first met both Chris and Mike during our themed group rides and they always seem to break out a cool new-old bike for each event. These guys are right up our alley…not so much about high end, carbon fibered materials and 100 mile touring, but more into the relaxing lifestyle, and simple pleasures of dusting off an old bike and taking it around town. They’re Dallas’ answer to Sacramento’s amazing Ecovelo site. Check out their most recent article on Dallas’ extensive trail system here. If anyone has ever tried to gather information about the various routes, and trails on your own, you’ve certainly noticed it’s hodepodged and often outdated or buried in a 1.0 website with massive non-compressed images. They note that over the coming year they’ll be documenting and photographing as much of the system as possible…definitely a worthy endeavor, and I could even see a great coffee table book coming out of this project.

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  1. I agree – this blog kicks some biking ass! Congrads to Chris and Mike!!!

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