A New Bike Friendly Organic Grocer in the Cliff

For years, we’d hear friends and neighbors alike bemoan the fact that North Oak Cliff lacked a Whole Foods store, and while we probably joined the chorus for a time, a new, authentically Oak Cliff option has surfaced…Urban Acres. Billed as an organic farm store, the owners have taken up shop in the old De La Fuente marketspace at Windomere and Davis, and only a block from the soon-to-be-opened Kessler Theatre.

For now, the shop is only open on Saturday mornings and afternoons, until they completely renovate the space and commit to longer business hours. If you are part of the Oak Cliff Food Co-Op, this is the new landing station to pick up your veggies and fruits. For those unfamiliar with the Co-Op, members sign up to receive a tub of select organics from around the area (there are a few outside-the-area fruits thrown in) with random in-season selections featured at each interval. For us, the fun part is looking up what recipes we can find for the items we don’t normally pick up when at the grocery store. Last week we dug around for recipes that included chard, and before that, kale presented a few fun options.

One of the owners, Steven Bailey, walked us through the shop over the weekend, and pointed out some of the select preserves and breads they had picked up while travelling around small country back roads through the state. Also featured were local faves, Oak Cliff Coffee, and Nitschke Beef. To me, this is an even better option than Whole Foods in the sense that it’s locally owned and operated, it stocks regional goods, and the founders will be able to easily accommodate any needs that we may have gone elsewhere to find…or better yet, incentivize someone else in the community to recreate a newer, better alternative.

And the bike friendly connection? First off, it’s nestled into the neighborhood with very limited car parking, so it makes sense to bike, the co-op tubs fit comfortably on the back rack of a bike with only a couple of bungees needed, and since the produce is all fresh, you’re typically not buying in large enough quantities (unless you’re feeding an army) to need anything more than a grocery pannier or basket. Check out more pics of the new shop here, and become a fan of their facebook group.

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  1. […] of Urban Acres and even rode their bikes to our store this past Saturday!  They also wrote this blog post about us and took some amazing photos of our store (see the sidebar).  You guys are […]

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