Limited-Edition Velo Love Shirts. Only $20.

Still looking for something to wear to the B.F.O.C. Love Your Lane ride this Sunday, Valentine’s Day? This cycletastic design inspired by Robert Indiana was created locally (Amanda Pounds) and printed locally (Jeff Newton) on America Apparel. We have very limited quantities of this shirt—only five in each color and size. Here’s the size/color breakdown.

Ladies: Fuchsia (M, L) and Turquoise (S, M, L). Guys: Red (M, L, XL) and Turquoise (S, M, L). $20.

These shirts will ONLY be available at ride on Sunday. Email me (holly  at hollyjefferson dot com) in advance if you’d like me to reserve one.


  1. do you still have any of these available? i am interested in the Blue with red logo in size XL if you do? Thanks,

  2. Hey, Erik. I don’t think we do. We made these so long ago. You might want to give Oak Cliff Bicycle Company a call. Jeremy would be able to tell you: 214.941.0010. Thanks! -Holly

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