Donate to the Seventh Street Mural Project!

We recently mentioned that BFOC is assisting with the Seventh Street Mural Project, which is being coordinated through the new non-proft Go Oak Cliff, and local artists Steve Cruz and Kevin Obregon.

KXAS Channel 5 News wrote about the project last night, and we’ve received pledges of up to $7,000. Our total goal is $25,000 which will allow us to create 11 murals, and beautify a street that is currently blighted with cinder block buildings that are regularly tagged, and fences covered in razor-wire. Our hope is to make this street a calm and safe corridor for families who wish to walk or bicycle from the neighborhoods to the local businesses in the Bishop Arts District.

Click the button below to send a contribution via PayPal. They accept both credit cards and regular Paypal accounts.

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  1. […] good cause: donations went to purchase the paints and materials for local artist’s use on the Seventh Street Mural. See more from Spike Johnson’s slideshow: […]

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