Google Now Mapping Dallas Bicycle Trails

Google is now offering an option to note bicycle directions when requesting routes within Google Maps. It’s a good way to see a birds-eye view of our trail system, and will hopefully help when plans develop to complete the comprehensive bike/ped map for the city.


  1. Scott M · ·

    Is that an actual trail that goes along the Trinity? If it is how do you get to it?

  2. Yes, though it’s not a paved trail. That’s what was used for the Trinity 10K last weekend. I’m not sure what the direct access points are, but I’ve gotten to it from Beckley and 35 area.

  3. Mr_Christopher · ·

    Here’s a link that will shed some light on the Trinity River trail in Dallas

  4. Dallas Transportation blog just posted about this today, a day later than BFOC!

    You guys are the story! Maybe you should be their main source for bicycling issues? 😉

  5. The best access from the south is the Fast Track Overlook (Observation Deck) located at the intersection of Beckley Avenue and Commerce Street. That is Fast Track in corporate sponsorship only. No way does it signify the progress of the Trinity River Corridor.

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