BFOC Presents: The Ninjas vs. Pirates Ride!

Pick a side, dress the part, and come join us on April 25th for the BFOC Ninjas vs Pirates themed ride! We’ll meet at Main Street Garden Park at 3:00pm and head out from there. (Details on the route coming soon.) Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed Pirate and Ninja!


  1. […] the frame all set and we’ve started painting it up.  I hope to have it done before the next BFOC Group Ride (Pirates vs Ninjas, oh yeah!).  But we’ll see.  I’ll put up another post on the […]

  2. […] Friendly Oak Cliff is hosting a “Ninjas vs. Pirates” group ride on Sunday, April 25th.  The route has not yet been published but they’re […]

  3. […] Line To The BFOC Ninjas Vs. Pirates Ride I’m thinking about doing the BFOC Ninja’s Vs. Pirates Ride on Sunday, April 25. I think it would be more fun to take the DART Redline to the event. Anybody […]

  4. […] Ninjas Vs. Pirates Ride I had a fun time taking the DART Red Line downtown and attending the BFOC Ninjas Vs. Pirates ride […]

  5. […] Pirates Ride by dickdavid I had a fun time taking the DART Red Line downtown and attending the BFOC Ninjas Vs. Pirates ride […]

  6. Crass · ·

    Nice! I wish I could wear this shirt to it!

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