Dallas’ First Complete Street a Success!

This weekend, BFOC and Go Oak Cliff combined efforts to install Dallas’ first complete street for two days only. Taking up two blocks from Seventh Street to Eighth Street, along Tyler, we converted a 43′, 3 lane car-only road, to a street that included a bike lane (cycle track) with outside parking creating a dedicated barrier for cyclists, a single lane for car travel, and extended the sidewalk into the street to allow for outdoor cafe seating. The results: traffic immediately slowed when entering the area, children and families comfortably walked and bicycled across the streets, people sat outside drinking coffee and perusing the shops that typically receive little foot traffic due to its inhospitable form. The Cliff Notes bookstore, which has held shop on the block since early last year, had their best sales ever. Not only did the psychology of the street change when we gave equal treatment to all modes of transit, but the economics of the street began working as well. With vehicle speeds slowing, all modes of transit were safer and residents that have lived in Oak Cliff for 50 years, began asking how we could make the changes permanent.

All in all, it was an amazing project, and city council members, city staff, and urban planners were on hand to witness the amazing transformation. Moving forward, we’ll begin working with Councilmember Delia Jasso, to make the changes permanent, and truly enliven this block for all modes of transit.

We’ll be posting several videos and images throughout the week spotlighting the project, so stay tuned!


  1. Great job to all who made it happen! It was the best thing that’s happened in this neighborhood in YEARS!

  2. Twinkle · ·

    Thanks to everyone for their wonderful effort! I had a blast and my family members visiting from Austin got a taste of the awesome changes in store for Oak Cliff. I hope we can look forward to more events (and permanent changes) that allow for more pedestrian-friendly retail & neighborhood areas in OC!

  3. Perceptions are changing. My wife has been deathly afraid of bike travel in Dallas since we moved here, both for herself and on my behalf. But while walking to Bishop Arts from our house on Saturday, she said that if Tyler was like that all the time, she’d be willing to bike to Bolsa or Bishop Arts. It really is hard to imagine how one weekend could accomplish so much and show people that change is possible, but it did.
    Thanks to all involved.

  4. Chip Northrup · ·
  5. I really like what you are doing with Oak Cliff. There is such an awesome sense of community that we miss up north.

  6. Just looking at the second to last picture with the outdoor cafe, strip of grass, narrow street and parallel parking makes me breathe a sigh of relief. C’mon America, let’s be a great looking country again!

  7. Ann Daigle · ·

    This is absolutely awesome! Imagine bicyclists and pedestrians taking over public streets again…all over Dallas, the region, the country! Revolution!

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