Ride of Silence

If you feel like riding from Oak Cliff our buddy Jeff is going to lead up a ride to the lake so come along too.

May 19 6:00P.M. Meet at Bishop and Colorado and roll shortly after. A very easy 30 mile ride.

Jeff’s suggested route here.

Either way try to make it out to the lake! T.P. Hill on W. Lawther.



  1. I’ll be riding rain or shine, but not lightning. Check back here Wednesday afternoon to see if the ride is still on.

  2. Brian Phillips · ·

    Rehabing an old bike so I’ll try to do a section through O.E.D. to give it a test run

  3. Small point — that’s not T.P. Hill. Your ride map points to the location for the ride, all right, but Tee Pee hill is farther to the south, where the boat house and playground are. Anyone asking directions to T.P. hill will be directed to the wrong location

    Here is the location from the website:

    The ride will start on the west side of White Rock Lake at the Branchfield-Fisher (aka Boat Launching) parking lot. Approximately 3800 W. Lawther Road.

    Google 3800 W. Lawther Road Dallas Tx for maps and street view.

    T.P. Hill gets it’s name from the a Texas Pacific Railroad that once passed through, where the bike bath and wooden bridge are now routed.


  4. Looks like the rain is going to hold off till later tonight. Ride is on. Rolling out at 610 sharp!

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