NYC’s bike lanes reducing injuries by 50% for all modes of transit and bringing out more riders


This is an inspiring video from StreetFilms where they’ve interviewed women who have begun taking up bicycling in greater numbers in NYC. Dallas’ bike consultant, Peter Lagerway, mentioned that bicycle infrastructure brings out more cyclists, but seeing it here first hand is heartening.

The other incredible statistic is that injury rates for ALL modes of transit have decreased as much as 50% where bike lanes are present. We noted from our recent visit to NYC that the reason for injury reduction was not only the heightened awareness due to the greater number of cyclists on the street, but also that with bicycle infrastructure present cyclists rode at a slower pace. Excessive speed is one of the greatest threats to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers and noting the natural calming of traffic speeds has dramatically changed the psychology of the streets so much so that people who would never have bicycled before, have begun to hop on the saddle. Portland stated this as well, that the fearless cyclists made up approximately 2% of their overall ridership, while the other 98% which gave their community one of the highest cycling rates in the nation, was due to accommodating those who were uncomfortable riding in traffic.

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