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Sharing the City with Bike Share

It’s incredible how many bikes appeared so suddenly. And then came the users: experts to novices, biking EVERYWHERE. It’s a shame to see people defacing property the way we’ve seen people destroy some of these bikes. Thrown in the Trinity and into White Rock Lake? Rows of bikes driven over?! Seriously? There may be too […]

Help Us Celebrate National Bike Month

Here in Dallas, May is a great time to get out and about on your bike. The weather is warm but not sweat-through-everything-you-own hot. This is the perfect opportunity to try out bike commuting or riding to the park with friends and family instead of driving! To max out on your Bike Month enjoyment, we […]

Stop everything – call Senator Hutchison about bike funding now!

The League of American Bicyclists sent this to one of our board members.  It could not be more urgent for everyone who supports bicycle infrastructure, in light of Michael Tripp McNair’s horrific accident with a vehicle and is currently fighting for his life.  He was a meticulously observant vehicular cyclist who followed all rules and […]

The First Lady Learns About Oak Cliff Bicycle and Better Block Projects

Last night, my wife and I were invited to have dinner with the First Lady Michelle Obama along with six other moms and dads to talk about our community initiatives to promote greater health and fitness for children. It was an amazing night and we were honored to have the opportunity to brag about all of the […]

Save Safe Routes to School!

We need as many of you as possible to write your congressman to oppose the recent House Transportation bill that removes Safe Routes to School, and bicycle infrastructure funding. We’ve come too far to have the clock turned back now on our nation’s infrastructure. The League of American Bicyclists has created a simple email form […]

All Major US Cities beating Dallas for on-street bike infrastructure

The Dallas Observer has posted several articles recently highlighting the struggle our city has in installing a single mile worth of on street bike facilities. Meanwhile, the above graphic is from the Detroit Free Press highlighting the fact that even the “Motor City” has begun buildout of multiple miles worth of onstreet bike lanes. Below […]

2% of cities existing street funds would create 100 miles of bike lanes

  We’re pulling together our “Best of” list for the year at BFOC, but before that hits the blog we thought  we’d post this tidbit: According to a Dallas Morning News chart, the city of Dallas capital budget for Streets and Thoroughfares for 2010/2011 was $142,304,779. The recently adopted bike plan notes that one mile […]

Harvard Study: “Pedaling in traffic 28 times more likely to hurt you than sticking to a bike lane”

The Daily posted an article on a recently announced study by the Harvard School of Public Health noting what we already see in Europe;  separated bike lanes increase ridership and reduce accidents. The full study can be found  here. What’s most impressive is that Scottsdale, Arizona now has 339 miles worth of separated bike lanes and is requiring […]

NYC’s Transit Director Profiled in Esquire

(Image from Janette Sadik-Kahn, the head of NYC’s Department of Transportation, was profiled in this month’s Esquire magazine.  Janette is responsible for the incredible pedestrian plaza, and bike network that has sprung up in less than 5 years.  Her era of city redevelopment has reduced traffic accidents to historic lows,  increased bicycle ridership exponentially, […]

Texas Custom Bicycle Show next week

For those who won’t be in Dallas for Cyclesomatic next week (Oct. 16-17), Austin is holding the third annual Texas Custom Bicycle Show, organized by Dallas’s own Daltex bikes. Along with Daltex, three of the other framebuilders  are from DFW, as well as the high performance bike light manufacturer Trail LED. Day one is at Austin […]