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Sharing the City with Bike Share

It’s incredible how many bikes appeared so suddenly. And then came the users: experts to novices, biking EVERYWHERE. It’s a shame to see people defacing property the way we’ve seen people destroy some of these bikes. Thrown in the Trinity and into White Rock Lake? Rows of bikes driven over?! Seriously? There may be too […]

Anita Bikes!

Everyone Bikes: Anita Mills

Everyone poops and everyone bikes. This is the first in a series of short bios of neighborhood cyclists. Meet your neighbor, Anita, she bikes too. Anita Mills: 66 yrs, Gardening Consultant, Bishop Arts Neighborhood Cyclist Questionnaire: 1. Why do you ride? Health – recreation 2. Type of riding? Short errands in neighborhood, exercise 3. Where […]

BFOC Interview with Fort Worth’s City Planner, Don Koski

As we noted in a recent article, Fort Worth has unveiled an incredibly progressive infrastructure plan based on a people-first model. 400+ miles of bike lanes, bus only lanes, streetcars, and “road diets” are being planned throughout the city with an ambitious timeline for implementation. To help pull the project together, the city hired Don […]

An interview with Tempe, Arizona’s transit planner, Eric Iwersen

First of all, congratulations on your ranking of “Silver” by the League of American Bicyclists. How long did it take for Tempe to get on the list? Our funding and dedicated staff for bicycling has been an ongoing process, but the first stages of our bicycle program really began in 1971 but stopped around 1977. […]

BFOC’s Exclusive Interview with Boston’s Bike Coordinator, Nicole Freedman

(Photograph by Yoon S. Byun) We recently profiled Boston’s new bike coordinator, Nicole Freedman, after reading the impressive Boston Globe article spotlighting the city’s recent transformation into a bike haven. As we noted in our article, Boston was the former title holder of “Worst City in the US for Bicycling”, by Bicycle Magazine. Since Dallas […]